Who will Police the Police by Rabbi Barry Silver

Who will police the police? The twin cities have sadly become the site of twin killings of unarmed black men. In the midst of the murder trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, another officer killed a twenty year old black father, mistaking a taser for a gun, and a black army lieutenant in Virginia was pepper sprayed by a deranged cop screaming for him to get out of the car, while telling him that he should be afraid. It is more than obvious that we must police the police, but as with all other issues in America, partisan politics makes rational discourse elusive and reasonable solutions impossible. Benjamin Franklin observed “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye to reason.” Many Americans have abandoned reason, and place blind faith in the unholy trinity of cable news, political parties, and imaginary deities. A society that relies on prayer to solve problems, hasn’t got a prayer. Conservatives look to FOX News for answers, forgetting that the fox is a deceiver, and “channels” propaganda for climate deniers, insurrectionists and shameless hypocrites like Gingrich, Gaetz and Trump, who preach family values and abuse women. Conservatives love the police except when they protect the Capitol from an attempted coup by Trump’s deluded “psycho”fants. Liberals look to MSNBC, which begins with truth, since MS, or “emes” in Yiddish, means “truth” but ends with NBC, which stands for “no black culpability”, as they fail to hold blacks accountable for violence, drugs and family disarray in their neighborhoods which cause far more death than the police. The liberal press glorifies BLM, which stands for Black Lives Matter, but also means “Burning, Looting and Mayhem”, as the violence they inspire often destroys the neighborhoods they claim to defend. Al Sharpton poisoned the jury pool and lit the fuse for violence as he stood outside the Courthouse before Chauvin’s murder trial, recklessly claiming that a not guilty verdict would mean that there is no justice in America, and the liberal press fawned over his inflammatory rhetoric. . The BLM charter attacks the only free nation in the Middle East, Israel, and sides with Palestinians who elected terrorists in Gaza to represent them, and whose children are brainwashed with hate and promised hero status, a school named in their honor, and a lifetime stipend for their loved ones if they slaughter Jews. . The murder of George Floyd is an outrage and his killer should be punished, but Floyd had a lengthy criminal record and should not be beatified with a halo over his head. He is a victim but not a hero, and the bulk of the $27 million his family received from the city and another $14 million they obtained from a Go Fund Me page, would be better spent on police training, supervision and recruitment to ensure that violent racists never wear a badge. Calls to defund or abolish the police are absurd and almost re-elected a demagogue.​

This article appeared in the “Jewish Journal”

Lord Acton said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A man with a badge, a gun and the authority of the state wields absolute power over life and death. Chauvin, whose eponymous name gives rise to the word “chauvinist” (one with excessive pride in his group and contempt for others), had 18 cases of abuse charged against him and only one reprimand. His superiors should be disciplined and perhaps fired for not terminating this dangerous menace long ago. Unlike librarians or cashiers, unqualified police officers have fatal consequences and terrify communities. As a former legislator, rabbi, civil and animal rights attorney who has both sued the police and represented black officers facing discrimination, I know many dedicated police officers and many who are a disgrace. All too often testosterone laden cops wantonly shoot a family dog for no reason and their colleagues lie to protect them. Blacks are the most targeted group, but dogs, women, Jews, minorities and our youth are also favorite targets of bad cops. Dedicated police officers should receive our highest accolades and bad ones should be quickly removed. The Torah tells us to choose wise and discerning officers and to chastise the wrongdoer; lest we share in their iniquity, and permit evil to spread throughout the land. When Jews abandon partisan politics and heed Isaiah’s call to unite and “reason together”, we can help solve all our problems. Rabbi Silver welcomes your comments and may be reached at barryboca@aol.com