The Purpose of Rockin Shabbat

Purpose of Rockin’ Shabbat
Sometimes we get a song in our head, and we can’t stop singing it to ourselves.Usually, the song has no significance, but has a catchy melody or story line.  But what if a song had an uplifting message that we couldn’t stop singing?  What if this positive feeling stayed with us all week long without our conscious effort, because this harmonious feeling seemed to become a part of our outlook on life?
This is the purpose of Rockin’ Shabbat: to use the power of song to lift our spirits not only on Shabbat, but all week long. 
Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor is now using the beauty of song to help convey the spiritual truths and exaltation of Judaism to supplement the spoken word.  This has become so popular that we are incorporating some of the Rockin’ Shabbat music into all of our Shabbat celebrations.
If you can make it, you may share in the singing of Sweet Sabbath Wine, Shabbat Across America, Hallel Hallel, Hallelujah, Climbing a Stairway to Heaven, Sing us a Song You’re the Dear Chazan, Flyin’ So High On Shabbat, My World, I’m A Believer, I’m on Top of the World, and other favorites. 
All are welcome to join in celebrating Rockin’ Shabbat every 1st Friday of the month at 7:30 at L’Dor Va-Dor, where the spiritual uplift of Shabbat stays with us all week long.  We also invite you to hear many of these songs and our rational approach to Judaism, where reason meets religion, and where all Jews unite under one roof to celebrate our heritage, and to help unite humanity.  Those who share this goal of all religions and of no religion at all, are honored guests in our collective effort to bring peace, love and justice to the world.
B’Shalom,Rabbi Barry Silver (561) 302-1818