Rabbi Barry speaks about the Holocaust and our torah on WPTV

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PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — It’s mid-week at Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor and Rabbi Barry Silver is preparing for a sermon this Friday, reading from a unique Torah. One that’s charred and burned pulled from the ashes of a synagogue in Eastern Europe burned to the ground during the Holocaust.

Rabbi Silver says no one survived the hate crime but the passages live on.

”It’s important to avoid ‘the selfish,’ and it’s selfish to be content to be complacent when things are going well for you but not someone else,” said Silver.

He’s concerned with the latest hate crime stats from the FBI. The disturbing report sheds light on hate crimes across our nation. While the actual number of incidents is down, violence is increasing.

Jewish people were targeted in nearly 58 percent of religious bias hate crimes. Gay men accounted for 59.8 percent of hate crimes based on sexual orientation. And black people were targeted in just under half of the hate crimes based on race, ethnicity, and ancestry.

Also of increasing concern in the report are the number of attacks against people in the trans community and those with a disability.