Introduction To Hebrew Prayer Song and More

INTRODUCTION TO HEBREW PRAYER, SONG AND MORE Monday, May 6, May 20 Monday, June 3, June 1 ,7:00 pm to 8:30 pmTaught by RABBI MARTIN VESOLE Although this is ongoing, you are welcomed to join in on this COURSE (for any and all dates). This course is utilizing and building on the NJOP’s READ HEBREW AMERICA program and going way beyond! We are learning how to recite some of the Shabbat and holiday prayers, their meaning and historical value, augmented by SONG and CONVERSATIONAL Hebrew, making this a REALLY FUN and INTERESTING educational experience for ALL involved! JOIN IN ON THIS WONDERFUL and COMPLIMENTARY NEW SERIES! ATTEND ALL or as many sessions as you would like! In addition to the six classes held in April, May, and June, there will be one or two additional classes planned prior to the High Holy Days (to be announced). This program is open and complimentary to the Community and Congregation. Donations are welcome