In Appreciation of Rabbi Barry Silver

Hi Rabbi Barry,After reading your column in Jewish Journal re: interfaith marriage I decided to contact Rabbi Ronald Brown, Temple Beth Am, Merrick, NY where we were active members for 30 years.  I left a message with the secretary at Temple Beth Am with the expectation that she will forward it to Rabbi Brown (now retired) but living in Merrick.Rabbi Brown refused to marry our son Richard who was engaged to marry our now  daughter-in-law Amy Penwell.  They were married by Rabbi Rabb in Wantagh Jewish Center where Rabbi Rabb’s  feeling was, “we’d rather gain one then lose two.”We are very proud of Amy who converted to Judaism and not only reads and sings Hebrew but taught Hebrew School in Freeport, N.Y.  Amy keeps a Jewish home lighting Shabbat Candles and observing our holidays. Our Grandson Aaron was a Bar Mitzvah and is now 29 years old living in So. Carolina where our son Richard and Amy live.  I finally have closure (sending a message to Rabbi Brown)  on what was troubling me all these years and felt relieved that I had the opportunity to do so after reading your article in Jewish Journal.  Again thank you for your support,Warmly  Carole