Bio Of Rabbi Barry Silver


 Bio of Rabbi Barry Silver

Rabbi Silver is a “Rabbi-rouser” serving Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor of Boynton Beach, uniting Judaism, science and reason together. He has served in the Florida Legislature, where he was named the most effective environmental Legislator by the Sierra Club and the most annoying Legislator by lobbyists and special interests. Rabbi Silver is an environmental/civil rights “Barryster”, listed in Who’s Who of American Law for outstanding contributions to the betterment of society.  He also leads the Interfaith Justice League, using religion to knock down walls of separation and replacing them with bridges of understanding. He is well known for writing parodies and songs of social justice, which he sings in his “Barry-tone”.


Rabbi Silver is available as a motivational speaker, a life cycle celebrant, a leader of any good cause, and a speaker on current events, social action, politics, law, religion and Cosmic Judaism, which merges science and religion, or any other topic of your choice.

Contact Rabbi Barry Silver at barryboca@aol,com or call 561-302-1818