Concert to End Gun Violence Letter of Thanks

Dear Ari and Barry,
On a formal note and on behalf of the Committee Against Gun Violence (CAGV) I want to thank you and the Inter-faith Justice League for your generous support so that we could participate in the second annual Concert Across America to End Gun Violence (CAA). The concept of letting music bring people together to sing in fellowship and share messages to turn down the hate was realized on September 24 in Lake Worth. We could not have succeeded without the help of organizations like yours.
Irma presented us with challenges for sure (and clearly, Barry you were central to resolve a most critical one), but ultimately we were able to bring an uplifting program with two purposes to more than 150 persons. We delivered our message to end gun violence and we collected items for Irma Relief. CAGV formed in 2013, and with like-minded partners, has actively organized public events, demonstrations, and rallies. The CAGV members vigorously advocate for straight forward, common sense gun safety laws and provide information for the public awareness. We are determined to stop this raging horrific epidemic that is destroying lives, families and impacting our society so outrageously.
Again, many many thanks for your support.
Warmly and sincerely,

Arlene and the CAGV

Arlene R Ustin
CAGV, Founding Member and Acting Coordinator of the 2017 CAA
Arlene R Ustin