August 14, 2016 Events

August 14 was a busy day at L’Dor Va-Dor.  At 12 noon, we had a lively debate between candidates for County Commission Drew Martin and David Kerner.  Our congregation believes that a well informed citizenry helps our Democracy flourish and we encourage everyone to vote in the primaries on August 30 and to learn about the candidates and the constitutional amendments.
Later that day at 2:00, Rabbi Silver shared his views about Kabbalah, fact or fiction and provided background on this fascinating subject to help our congregants and friends determine for themselves the truth about Kabbalah. Rabbi Silver shared his perspective based on the teachings of progressive Judaism that cherishes both science and religion as sources of revelation, that the Torah is infallible.  Thus, while we may derive great spiritual values and insights from Kabbalah, progressive Jews reject the view that God wrote the Torah and that we can obtain supernatural powers by unlocking secret, coded messages based on numerology, reincarnation and other unscientific claims.
Later that day, Rabbi Silver represented our congregation at the annual dinner of the Muslim Association of America and asked whether the panelists denounced the actions of the Lebanese team in refusing to board a bus with Israelis (the local Imam said yes, he rejected their action as hateful and non-Islamic) and he also asked whether they teach evolution at the day school at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (they don’t).
written by Rabbi Barry Silver