ADL Security Advisory




ADL Florida

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October 31, 2016




We want to inform you that several Jewish institutions in the Florida region and around the country have been receiving anti-Semitic fliers and letters via the US mail. Typically, the fliers and letters are sent in white, business-size envelopes and most do not have return addresses. In at least one of the cases the mailing was sent to the home of a Jewish professional. In several instances the fliers arrived with no postmark on the envelope. No institution or person has received any direct threat. If you receive any Anti-Semitic mailings we encourage you to take the following steps:


Action Steps


  • When in doubt, don’t open it – if a letter or package arrives that appears out of the ordinary, contact your local police department and report it. Not only are they equipped to respond to suspicious mail, but it can also be a good opportunity to establish a point of contact between your Jewish institution and your local police department. If you suspect a package or letter to be dangerous call 911 – it’s always better to err on the side of caution.


  • If you receive strange or threatening flyers in the mail it is important to preserve both the contents and the envelope. Please notify your local police department and then contact the ADL or by phone at 561-988-2900.


  • Make sure at everyone in your institution is aware of these guidelines and knows how to respond in the event that you receive strange or suspicious mail.