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Inspired by his father Rabbi Samuel M. Silver

Rabbi Barry Silver was inspired to become a Rabbi by his father Rabbi Samuel Silver, a pioneer in interfaith harmony, humanitarian efforts and rational Judaism.   Rabbi Samuel Silver was a noted author, raconteur and community leader for over 60 years.  Rabbi Sam Silver and his son Barry co-officiated as Rabbis for Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor for 10 years, until Rabbi Samuel Silver’s death at the age of 95, at which time Rabbi Barry Silver became the congregation’s sole Rabbi.

Rabbi Barry Silver’s Rabbinic Career

Rabbi Barry Silver began serving the Jewish community as a child in the role of a tutor and teacher’s aide at his father’s synagogue Temple Sinai in Stamford, Connecticut. He assisted his father in many rabbinic duties and was ordained by the Rabbinic Seminary International in New York on October 15, 1998.  This seminary spans the Jewish denominations and reflects a spiritual approach which regards all Jews as one family regardless of affiliation or background, united in service.   He was also ordained by his father, in accordance with ancient Jewish tradition at the age of 36, or double chai.

Accompanied by his mother, Elaine Silver at the piano

Rabbi Barry Silver conducts Sabbath services joined by his mother who is an accomplished Juilliard graduate, who expertly accompanies Rabbi Barry Silver in his “barry” tone voice as well as our Cantorial soloist Rose Oren and other musicians.   The Rabbi, his mother and children, are often dubbed “The father, son and musical spirit.”


Rabbi Silver is a popular lecturer at the Boynton JCC and lectured for decades at Palm Beach State College.  As a rabbi, lawyer and former legislator, he has led seminars, discussions and lectures on diverse legal, religious and political topics.

Community Activist and Interfaith Leader

Barry founded and chaired the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition for over 15 years and founded the Interfaith Justice League which unites the religions in social action and charity. Barry has spearheaded countless rallies and grassroots movements promoting environmental protection, animal rights, Native Americans, the homeless,  women’s rights, abortion rights, civil rights, gun control and many other issues.

Inspired by his father and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Barry sees his calling as a “Rabbi rouser”, who seeks to rouse us to higher levels of spirituality and social action.

Support of Israel

Barry has worked tirelessly in support of the right of the Jewish people to live in our homeland in Israel in safety and security and has strongly stood up to its enemies.

Barry has led rallies of Christians and Jews to urge our government and the world to destroy ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East in order to protect Christians and Jews from radical Islamic jihad.

Interfaith Outreach

Rabbi Silver is devoted to interfaith harmony and emulates his father, a pioneer who performed interfaith weddings when few others would.  Rabbi Silver approaches such interfaith ceremonies in a unique way, by never diluting the Jewish content, but instead highlighting the universal appeal of Judaism to those of all faiths and creeds.


Barry practices civil rights, public interest, environmental, and personal injury law.   He ewHsuccessfully represented the National Organization for Women in a landmark case obtaining a permanent injunction against Operation Rescue to protect abortion clinics.   He was named Feminist of the Year by Broward NOW, the only man to win this award.

Barry successfully defended a former marine’s right to fly the flag, helped Native Americans save a sacred site from bulldozers, successfully sued a phony psychic and the City of Delray Beach for conspiracy to defraud, protected citrus trees from the State’s eradication program, sues the police for wantonly shooting dogs, helped keep Scripps off of Mecca Farms, blocked anti-abortion legislation, kept a veteran in his home who faced eviction for minor violations, defeated City Hall on behalf of a woman’s right to raise her own chickens and eat cage free eggs, vindicated a woman’s right to death with dignity, and protects homeowners from overzealous, tyrannical condo commanders.

Former Legislator

Barry served from 1996 to 1998 in the Florida House of Representatives where he was named “Most Effective Environmental Legislator” by the Sierra Club and “Consumer Champion” by Florida’s largest consumer group.

Member of Who’s Who in America

Since 1990, Barry has been included in Who’s Who of America for his significant contributions to the betterment of society.

National Appearances

Barry has appeared on MSNBC, FOX News, Hannity & Colmes, CNN, 48 Hours, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and other national and local media, championing Jewish values, civil rights and the protection of the planet.


Barry sings his original parodies about politics, social issues and current events, often accompanied by his mother Elaine, a Juilliard graduate pianist.

Rabbi Barry Silver serves Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor and conducts services on Friday night at 7:30 in Boynton Beach, Florida where Jewish outreach prevails, reason is cherished, and life cycle events are available to all.


Barry is married to Francine and has two activist children, Ari and Brandon.